Certified firearms instructor training and certification for civilian and law enforcement.

When you enroll in our certified firearms instructor training program online, you learn the fundamental elements of training others. If you are 18 or above and intending to learn how to help other people shoot, join us to get thorough training that will help you on your journey towards becoming a certified firearm instructor.

Whether you are a civilian or law enforcement officer, you can join our certification. We have complied lessons that maintain global standards, and the fundamental prerequisites are possessing a firearm and having necessary shooting skills. We conduct a small test to check every incoming student’s expertise and propose everyone take the firearm training course to learn excellence standards.

During the certified firearms instructor training program, you will receive the trainer’s guide, the lessons you intend to teach, and a handbook with all the fundamental guidelines for certified firearm instructors and firearm safety information. You will be provided with all the essential materials for the training by the NSA.

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