Firearm training from beginner to expert for civilian and law enforcement.

We have exclusively tailored our online firearms safety training course for people who want to gain firearm skills. Whether, you need it for your job (law enforcement) or to avoid danger, we don’t differentiate and want everybody to practice their right to protect themselves. We have firearm courses suitable for all levels.

The major courses aim to teach the standards of using a gun. We also team the principal laws and rules regarding cleaning, safe handling, and storing your gun. Our professional trainers then take you around the firing range, where you learn the shooting essentials like proper grip, stance, sighting, and trigger control. We provide you with all safety gear, for example, hearing protection, hat, and eye-protective goggles.

The advanced/tactical level training includes going in-depth with the laws and rules for your gun’s safe handling and storage. It is for only those who have had basic training and practice with a firearm. The hands-on training significantly covers loading and reloading, drawing your gun from the holster, shooting from cover, and marksmanship.

All in all, we believe our firearm training and firearms instructor certification course is comprehensive and gives enough information to safely and successfully use and maintain a firearm.

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